Join India's Biggest Ever Open Source Event

Hackference India is an event mounted towards the goal of reaching India's biggest ever Open Source Community event. The community is working to bring out the link and inducing the thinkers and doers to cultivate results and solutions for the community, uniting every member to beget and breed innovation for the dynamic and prolific revolution. The community is driving the country towards the very first one-stop event where they get to hear from the best developer evangelists in the form of DevRel Conf, adding to that there's hiring opportunity in form of India's Biggest Open Source Hackathon and Hiring Fair. Hackference India is completely driven by Student Leaders/Volunteers from all across the country under various Open Source Organizations and is completely non-profit. We aim to establish a better network of global and local communities in one frame. Block your calendars on 15th & 16th of December (Saturday & Sunday), 2018 in Bangalore,IN.

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The Hackathon is open for every open source developer, They can be from colleges or corporate.  

How to enter

Register and fill the basic details.
Create a Team.
Submit an abstract on to the problem statements.
Get Shortlisted.
Invitation to the Hackathon.

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Judging Criteria

  • Best Project in Each Track
  • Most Innovative Project in Hackathon